Wednesday, April 05, 2006


has the last few weeks been crazy for me creatively. I just have to get down to doing it now!!!

These podcasts are awesome! I'm trying to find someone that will collaborate with me on setting up a blog for reviews of crafting podcasts. I think it would be great to go to one place and see what is new and what is doing well. But I can't really take the time to learn how to do these blogs so well! This is fun, but I think if you are going to be very need it to work better then I can make it!

Also, I've found through some research on art knitting "free form knit and crochet". Man is this cool!!! I found the web site for Prudence Mapstone at This is awesome! She is coming to the UK this month and in May to this one yarn shop that isn't too far away. I'm going to definitely go to the workshop in may. I've purchased her books and though they are a bit thin on content they have lovely pictures and descriptions of what to do. I can't wait! All that waste in my stash...will be added to by lots more!

Anyway...back to work!


Jeanie said...

Hi Dawn -- I'll get you a copy of this magazine. Just email me with your mailing address and I'll get it out to you!

CraftyPerson said...

Your links aren't working properly

you shouldn't have all that help.blogger stuff in your links html

If you email me at I may be able to help

You also seem to be in the UK so maybe we can talk over the phone about it.

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Jeanie...I think I wrote you at a different address...????

Dawn said...


If it can't be done over email...which I can imagine, I am in the UK so if you want me to call then we can do that through the email! I'm just excited to have comments!!!