Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last Secret Pal package

How great is this package. The yellow skein I think she died herself. How great is that. It has been a good secret pal, but I don't think I'll do it again for a bit.

Ra'Net has changed

I decided that I didn't like the pattern I was using for the I've started over. Believe it or not I wanted something I nuts.....well this blog isn't called crazy for nothing! I like it though, and it is going well. I can do a motif while I'm on train between home and work, so that is good. Should get a few done that way anyway.

I gave up on Henry, the yarn I was using (alpaca) split very badly and I couldn't get my count right. I hurt my back terribly doing it. It was so tight and stressful since there were so many slipped stitches. Hopefully, I find another pattern to do for my Dad.....really wanted a scarf for him!

I'm excited about teaching a crochet workshop. I hope that it goes well and I can do more. I'm going to teach a Granny patch that uses all of the crochet stitches that are most commonly used. Hopefully it will be great fun! I have several friends that have signed that will be great.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Secret Pal

Here is the last package I got from my secret pal. Sorry the picture is too dark. The yarn is all purple and lush. It will be really nice knitted or crocheted up. Might need to start another blanket!

Projects - Scarves

I'm having fun working on scarves for Christmas. Above is the start of Henry which is a Knitty pattern. This one should actually go to my Dad, MOM KEEP YOUR MITTS OFF! I should have checked out Ravelry before I bought the yarn....most people said it was hard and took a lot of time. Oh well....never like me to back down from Alpaca, which is tearing up my fingers. Didn't know I was allergic to it. I like the alpaca though, it is Artesano 4ply.

Below is the start of a scarf for one of my sister's. I made up the motif and thought I would use some of the fab yarn I got from I Knit show.

I Knit

I had a great time with the girls at I Knit. Above is a few things I picked up. I also picked up an
Elizabeth Zimmerman book, which is something I've always wanted. I decided to make scarves for my sisters and that is what most of the yarn will go for, see if I get them done now.