Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kiki Mariko rug

I'm having a great time working on this rug...rug you looks like you are doing it in the round....well I AM. How cool is that. The pattern is from "Mason-Dixon Knitting: Outside the Lines". I've had this book for awhile and I love the Fair Isle patterns. So, when my friend Kate and I went to a Fair Isle workshop I figured it was about time. Plus, the place we went (Get Knitted in Bristol) had the yarn it called for so I thought it was a sign. The workshop was great and I'm so proud...I CAN KNIT WITH BOTH HANDS!!! I never though I would master English/American knitting...but I can now and it has made this rug so much fun to knit....oh and the knitting in the round. Well it is much easier to knit the stitches with two hands then purl, so doing it in the round you don't have to...but you do have to cut your work apart. AAAHHH...I figured that since this project is to be felt first it should make it a bit safer!

I like the colors, though I was really limited to what they had. I think my color sense is getting better!

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