Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something for my new room

So what have I been up to? Well I've been buying stuff to go into my new room....that is finished yet. But I couldn't pass up this sewing table. It is my first ebay bid that I've ever done and I won it. It was just about 3 miles away so it would have been terrible if I hadn't won it. Sorry the picture is crappy, still learning how to use my new phone.

I've not taken a picture of the room, because there isn't anything to photograph really....once we get the lights in the room it will be easier to take pictures. It has been great because my favorite blog has been doing a month of craft room posts...check them out....

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Phone

Gradient Waves Wallpaper (iPhone) | Pixelgirl Presents - Only the Coolest Desktops, Icons & iPhone Wallpapers!

I have a new phone...I'm so excited. It was a bit of a struggle getting it up and running. Problems with our main PC and the new phone not unblocking like it should have, but a call to the supplier fixed that. So this is one of the pictures I've just downloaded to my wallpaper. One of my favorite blogs How about Orange talks about this website a lot, and I've used the pictures for my laptop wallpaper a lot. Oh well...back to playing with my new toy!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sketch Book

picture from

I found my sketch books that I've been hoarding. No, not a surprise to people who know me that I hoard! A couple years ago I tried to get more arty with my craft so I went around buying different notebooks. Journaling is something that is very difficult for me. I had a bad experience in my teenage years and I find it really difficult to trust writing things down that I feel. The first devotional in my new book (see last post) is to buy a journal, so instead of taking the opportunity to buy yet another unused book, I searched out this lovely notebook that I already had. No it isn't very pretty, but I've peeked and I see where we will be decorating them in the future anyway!!!

Had a really nice last day of the holiday. Saw my great friend Erika who moved back to Sweden last year. She is now living settled in her own apartment and Hubby and I were talking to her about the trip to see her in the spring...I'm sooo excited!!!!

New blog to check out....Dutch Blue....Lovely pictures and ideas!!!

3 posts in a couple of days...this is a record!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Crafty goodness

Well, year and more crafty goodness to be done. More felt, more knitting and more sewing. My craft room is getting closer to my moving in. The walls and woodwork are done, except the doors and closets. I'm planning furniture and flooring at the moment. Hubby and I have decided we just have to throw some money and time on it. The last few days we have been cleaning up the house and organizing the chaos that happens when you are working all the time. I hope to working more with my friend Layla and Lilapod. My Mom bought me the above book for my birthday. I've been waiting until Monday to start working through it. I'm not good with this type of stuff, but I'm going to try and have a good time with it. I hope to post what I manage to do and blogs and stuff I encounter more in the future.

That being said I have been so motivated by this blog Attic24 that I have pulled out the Rowan Handknit Cotten I've had for my amigurumi (see cat duck in the photo on my profile). I'm using it to make her hexagon blanket. I've had this idea for ages, and I was glad to use her pattern to get it going. It looks so pretty and I'm just playing with the colors I have. (OK, I did have to buy a few more.....but I bought most of them on sale!!!)

Hopefully pictures in the future. Sun is hard to come by this time of year, so the first thing I'm making in my new room will be a light box!!!!


Wow a new decade is upon us!!!! The last decade was the best in my life, even though I have spent 5 years with clinical depression, left behind my animals and my country, and gained lots of weight. On the plus:

  • Married LOVELY husband
  • Moved to England
  • Have had lots of lovely rodent pets and now have 2 wonderful cats

Poppy after the Collared Dove incident

  • Have 1 crafty niece and 5 sort of crafty nephews who seem to love us visiting, even though it isn't very often (That is hubby above getting massacred by almost the lot...told you he is Lovely)
  • Have the largest group of friends outside of work I have EVER had, and they all seem to really LIKE me. And the kicker is....THEY CRAFT. It is amazing!!! Now don't get me wrong, I've always had friends, but they were connected with work which is different. I have my Guild that I joined, I have the National Needlework Archive that I volunteer for, and my Thursday night knitting group who are THE BEST!!!! (Wish I had a picture of them!)
  • I've learned so much about Europe and have made great friends from different countries who I can visit in the future!
  • Married the most wonderful husband IN THE WORLD....oh...did I already mention that????