Monday, April 24, 2006

Last stages of Tobin's blanket!

I toyed with the idea of using crochet to stitch the three sections together...but found it looked better if I sew it up. Then I was going to use crochet around the border, but with the stockingette stitch it just I'm dong the edging in garter stitch as it suggests.

Good news! Hubby has bought a camera! We should get it this weekend and so I will be able to download pictures for this blog finally! It will be good to show what I'm doing...even if it is mostly to make myself feel better!

I was almost done with the recycled Sari yarn bag from Knitty, but decided since I did find that I was SMART and bought a third skein I could make it a bit bigger! And still have enough to have a great long handle like I like. I might even use this has a bag to bring stuff back and forth to work. If I do I will have to figure out how to make some pockets for the lining. I don't think they lined the one in the original, but I don't like leaving bags unlined. It might be ok if it is felted, but even then I think a lining helps protect all the hard work you put in to the knitting!

Got the yarn for Wesley's blanket which I will have to get on to soon. Though I want to finish one nephews before I start another's! And the sweater...and I want SOCKS! Oh well....must continue on!

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