Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ATC for June

This one was difficult. "On the waters edge" was the prompt. I wasn't sure what to do. I've had these markers for a bit, they are suppose to be like watercolor. I used the paper that came with it, which is a bit thin, but I like the look it gave me. I smudged a bit, as you can see...which aggravated me, but then I decided that it made it more "arty" ....well that is my story anyway. We are having all kinds of flooding over here, so I was tempted to draw sandbags! Fortunately, not around our house, but every where else. Shropshire where we are heading tomorrow has been hit pretty badly. I'll have to take some photos!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Next Swatch....

Here is swatch 2. I liked this one, had to learn how to do a Tunisian Purl....very cool!

I've decided that these swatches will be washcloths since I'm using a nice cotton. They are really good for that!

On to the third, which is a bit more complicated!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tunisian Crochet

One of the items I bought at Wonderwools was this Tunisian crochet hook. As most of you know, I can't let a craft technique alone. Must try them all. So I bought this with the idea that I would look on the net and find the instructions. Well...they found me. One of the blogs I follow sent me to the Art of Crochet blog where they have started a swatch-along.

This is the first ribbing swatch...

and back.

Now it is time to try the next swatch...anyone else interested? The website has really good video instructions, and the hooks aren't that expensive.

Friday, June 15, 2007

What is home....

I've come across some very interesting creative blogs recently, too many to mention at the moment. But one of them asks you to post on your blog answers to some of the questions they ask. I really like this blog "Create a Connection". Everyday there is something to think about. Today is a discussion about what "Home" means to people. I always find my use of this word confusing for most people. As many of you know, I'm from the States but live in the UK. I have to admit, even when I lived in the States, I would say I was going "home" for the weekend....meaning going to see my family. So one definition is "home is where my Mom and Dad are....." But I also say going to the States is going home.....and going to the place I live is home....going back to the UK is home.....Rich is from Shropshire (we live in Hampshire) so we go "home" when we go see his family.

So where does that leave me. After one of our first trips back the States for Christmas, I was having the jetlag blues....I was tired...homesick...and fed up. Hubby doesn't like me to sleep when I get home from the long 24hrs of being awake (not exaggerating). He thinks that our jetlag gets better if we stay to the timezone we are in....I however have learned I need to sleep!!! Anyway, I came downstairs shuffling through piles of mail feeling sorry for myself. I sat in My chair and reached over without looking and picked up my lip balm. I stopped for a moment and realized what I had done. I knew that the lip balm was there. I had reached for it over and over many times. I was HOME.

So, "home" is where your comfortable. I'm comfortable many places, my Mom's and Dad's...even though they have moved many times. My grandparents farm, where they have lived my whole life. My sister-in-law who we stay with when we go up to Shropshire. My work place....well I do now it's ever square inch. And of course the place where I have now...for 5 years... lived with my lovely Husband. I feel that they are all valid definitions....now to contact the Oxford Dictionary!!!

Yes, today is hubby and my 5th anniversary. It has been a wonderful 5 years, and he has been soooo very patient while I've been unwell, getting adjusted to a whole different life and putting up with my pets! (All rodents). I love him very much...and I hope that even though we aren't spring chickens...we still have many many years as happy as I have been the last 5!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brighton Knit In

A few of us from my Knitting group got together and took the train to Brighton to attend the Knit In. They had a few interesting things to knit...ie the cupcake I made in the picture to the left.

And the flower I also made....

A student was putting together a blanket that is to represent the bacteria in her house. She allowed us to be part of the project, so we had a length of yarn and free form crocheted. In the middle you can see my contribution.

Here are a couple of the girls I could fit into the picture. At one time there were 8 children each knitting on one of the tentacles. It was such a great idea! Everyone could choose their own colors and pattern that they wanted to do.

Good fun had by all!

Note: you can find the websites for the different events at Knit In