Saturday, April 01, 2006

Scuplture idea

I've had this idea for a scuplturey knitted project. I want to knit a tubular shape, probably one foot in diameter and around 6 ft high. I'm in therapy and this is a way for me to reflect what my life has been like and how much better it is now! So I want to start off with gray let it be probably a bit narrower and then I want to use white and black with lots of large holes and dropped stitches etc. I know a lot of this will be playing by ear and seeing if it works. When I get to my divorce I will cut the strings and tie them to yarn with pastel colors that will eventually become very tidy and turn into lovely bright colors toward the top. Inside, I want to do a braid or i-cord with purple and red, purple for my faith and red for the love of my family. Even though I was going through hard times, I still had these inside me. Then when it comes to the top they will mix in with the outside threads also.

The things I'm not sure about are what I'm going to do about holding or hanging the piece up. Do I use supports inside? Or do I not, because support is something I've always lacked. Oh...just thought...I could use a pole in the middle and wrap the red and purple around the pole and this could be used to hold it up!

We will see. So far I'm not sure either if I want to use synthetic yarn for the first part, because I was so unhappy and unnatural. Or should I use wool for the whole project....not sure.....


CraftyPerson said...

How about knitting some of the tube double - rather like a machine knitted hem. Does that make sense? then you could feed some dressmaking boning through the ..ooh what is the word I want?... I know CASING!!!
..anway... feed the boning through the casing and overlap it slightly.
It would be a bit like one of those collapsible laundry baskets.... doe that make sense.
... or a bit like those lampshades that have a stiff thread spiralling inside them so that they can lie flat in the packet.
Clear as mud i know!!


Dawn said...

I like that idea...I'll have to see how open the work is and what happens as it progresses. I think the not knowing what is going to happen, but unlike most of my knitting, knowing that I can just rework what ever does make it really exciting to do this!


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Great idea! I hope you make it and post pics of it some day.