Sunday, December 24, 2006

Nephew number 5!

I'm a bad Aunt....nothing in this picture was hand done by me! But soon I will have that blanket done...He was born on the 22nd just as Rich and I were on the plane to come over. He is healthy and so is Mom, though they both had a rough journey. I get to spend a few days with them in the new year so I'm looking forward to that.

Rich and I were lucky. The fog that was cancelling a lot of the flights out of London, didn't stop us. We flew with Aer Lingus (Irish company) and their flights were taking off, though they were an hour late. We enjoyed the fact that you can go through immigration in Ireland, and don't have the hassle when you get to the States. Chicago was warmer then London....go figure! We are holding up pretty well, though I'm still feeling the effects of a head cold I had before I came over. One December I would like to go without a cold.

I'm busily trying to make this for my niece...last minute present. I also plan on working my way through The Creative License book by Danny Gregory, and using my new moleskine to do it. I'm using real artists pens, which are making a difference. I don't want to get to where I am a master drawer. I just want to be able to interpret what I see in my head or eyes on to the page for embroidery.

I did order the book The Art of Knitting and it is wonderful. I haven't had the time to really look at it, but since I had it sent to my Mom's I will hopefully have some time soon to get to it!

Off I go to spend time with the family!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas part whatever.....

So this is what I've been up too. I've made my ATC (Artist Trading Cards) for the Creative Mom's Podcast swap. The heart is the wrong size, I thought it was postcard size but it was suppose to be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2. I like heart a lot. That is going to be my signature I've decided. The painted one is what Amy the Creative Mom sent me. I got it today, what a very nice thing for her to do. (That is how I figured out that I was doing it wrong.So here is outfit 2. It didn't work out anything like the pattern....and netting is H*!! to work with...but I got it done! She had to have a little ballet outfit!

And here is outfit 3. This worked up pretty well, and I like how it fits which I can't say for the other two outfits!

I've had a good day really. I've got my room put together so that I can actually find things. That is the best, not to have to search and search for the beads or buttons if I want to use them. I made the doll a pearl necklace too, which can used to put her hair up too. I've also started stocking up on supplies. I used to think that I only should have what I was using at the moment. But I've found that it is good to buy small quantities of different supplies so that I can play. Playing is what I'm going to do in 2007. I need to break free of the constraints of patterns I put on myself. I never felt that I was artistic, but I'm trying to expand. I bought a great book this weekend, my friend Sarah found it...fortunately she said she would order a copy so that I could have the one that we found. The Art of Embroidery: Inspirational Stitches, Textures and Surfaces (Paperback) It is by Francoise Tellier-Loumagne who is a French textile artist. The book is fabulous!!! The pictures are wonderful and she goes into just enough detail on different techniques that you can still do your own thing. It is wonderful. I've ordered her book The Art of Knitting by her also. I'll get that in the US, it was easier to have it sent there.

The only real problem is I need to get to doing my studying. I've got about a year left and am struggling because I feel that I want to be more creative. I want to work in my craft room, instead of my desk. But I just have to get it finished and then I can do what I want. That is what 2008 will be study study...then craft! We shall see how it goes!!!

But for now...back the Christmas crafting!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


sorry no pics, but hubby and I have a new computer and he hasn't totally finished playing with it. I don't want to download anything new until he has finished...techies....they just love to play!

Wanted to catch you up though....I've been very busy working on the ATC's for the Creative Mom Podcast swap. And clothes for Paige's doll, a friend's present and the baby blanket. I'm a bit upset that I don't think I'll find time to make anything for my secret pal, but she has forgiven me already. She will get something before the end of the swap!

Well, since I'm typing on my knees...I'll stop posting and will give you all the pictures another day!