Wednesday, May 01, 2013


A finished project! Yeah! I like making T-shirts since England doesn't get that overly hot like Illinois can. This is my second, but first in cotton. Last year I used linen, which was lovely, but when you knit something with out seams joining the ends is hard. Linen and cotton aren't as forgiving as wool. I ended up with a huge hole when I joined the linen on the sleeve. Well, I decided to ask someone who had designed t-shirts how they joined theirs, and she said with a really tight knot and the cut off the ends. Hmmm Well I gave it a go with mixed results. I love the Cascade Ultra Prima yarn though. It is sooo soft. I have enough leftover for a child's which of my "adopted" nieces of 4 and under to choose......

Oh the pattern is from and is called Gemini.