Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday is craft day!

I'm very happy with myself today. I actually crafted! I saw some work by some ladies where they took bluejeans and cut them up and made material out of it. I liked the idea, because I've been wanting to recycle and jeans can look a bit....well....naff in some projects. I've been wanting to make a bag that I could carry my embroidery around with me. I had a freebie that worked really well, but I needed to replace it. So here is what I've been doing. All material is from the same pair of jeans, just one side. I wanted the checkerboard effect more then the stripe, but though both sides don't have to look the same! I've zigzaged around the outside and then used a thiner zigzag on the horizontal lines. I don't want it to be perfect and so I've left the vertical so it can fray. My idea now is to use a fabric for the top and use another piece of jean to sew the bottom together. I want it to have a bit of a box like bottom to it. My scary part will be the zipper, but I found a good tutorial I've been saving here.

So Hurray for Crafting Wednesday!!!!!
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow 2009

How cool is this??? Was so surprised when Rich said there was lots of snow on Monday morning. Just walked out and was amazed by how beautiful it was....of course I'm bored of it now! Now that I've had to walk to the train station in it!