Monday, April 10, 2006

Creative weekend...

I spent the weekend trying to get organized...ha! Anyway, I decided that since hubby has hogged my craft room with his computers...I'm going to have to move some of my knitting books downstairs! I bought in December that I can't find ANYWHERE and it is driving me CRAZY !!! And since I've started doing freeform I really need the other books to give me some ideas.

I spent Sunday doing little patches for freeform. It was fun! Now I just have to keep messing with stuff to make it better. If I could get in to my craft room!!!! I could use some of the yarn I have in there....but NO!!! You can't move in there (though I have to admit part of the problem is that we rearranged our bedroom and bought furniture and now we can't fit one of your laundry baskets in the room...and it won't fit in the spare bedroom yet....because it is A MESS!) We are getting there....but you have to buy stuff to store stuff in...ya know!!!

So I also got to drool over Knitty!!!! I've got two things I HAVE to make!
For my niece....


For me!

It was the first time that I had to wait for Brenda to produce Cast-on...and it was a long wait...a whole day....bless her. We all wait with baited breath to hear her!

Still thinking of making a website for podcasts. Since I don't have an ipod, but do have an mp3 player...and tend to listen to stuff at work on the computer...I can't be the only one that listens that way. Instead of bookmarking on my work computer, I keep going back to a past podcast and check out the casts they have on their website. I think it would be easier if I made a weblog for it. Don't know if I want to use blogger...though I'm finally getting a bit of a hang of it....we will see anyway.

Better get back to my studies!

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