Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yeah for Borders!

I know it is sad to be so excited about a big name bookstore. But I can now get my American magazines and drink Starbuck's, so I can't help being a bit excited!

So what did I buy? I got Mary Englibert's Home Companion magazine, which I've never seen before. It is really good. I was very surprised. I know of Mary and have seen her many books and art work. Her magazine isn't as country looking as I thought it might be. There is a lot of nice bright colors and art decorating. I really like it, and will buy more.

I have to admit to buying two books. I've not seen these before, and it is nice to actually sit with my hot chocolate having a good look through the books. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy too many books this year, but I have to admit that two books that have gone on my wishlist are the new Tracy Ullman and Mel Clark's "Knit 2 Together", which had 3 patterns I wanted to go home and start...and Erica Knight's new book "Essential Crochet", which has her characteristic home furnishings.

So what did I buy? The first book was one I had on my wishlist (I just figured out) "Fabric Leftovers" by D'Arcy-Jean Milne. This books is excellent. It has two things I have to try, the first is Lazy Crazy Patchwork. You just sew pieces in strips and do lots of cool embroidery. Then you use those pieces as fabric to make pillows etc. She also show you how to take cord and use the sewing machine to embroider over it. The effect is awesome and I can see it being used for so many different projects.

The second is a book I hadn't seen before, "New from Old" by Jayne Emerson. I've seen many of this type and after looking at the books thought they were good for insperation, but they really weren't in my style. This one is so different. She has split the book into: dying, embellishing, and actually reusing the item to make something different. She makes me wish I had a leather skirt to make into a bag, and her use of fabric flowers to embellish is really inspiring!

We will have to see how I get on with these. I've promised myself that I would make sure I actually use the books I this is a bit of a challenge! Must make valentines cards first though!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Arts and Crafts fun

Paige and I did some art work while I was home. She got a great Arts and Crafts box that had drawers like you would use for nuts and bolts and stuff. It was SOOOOO cool! I wanted it. She had a great time doing this. I did one too, but I left it and forgot to take a picture. Who could ask for a better Christmas then playing with a collage with your niece. She decided that mine looked like a turkey. I asked her what hers looked like, and typical three yr old....nothing it is a collage! Here she is playing with her doll. I'm glad I sewed those legs and arms on good and tight! I can tell ya, that doll will not have clothes on it, unless her mom puts them on her! She just wasn't that interested! I thought it was interesting that the dress she has on is very much like one I wanted to make her! So I guess I will go ahead and try!

Here I am....

after some technical difficulties and some more time spent trying to get things done...and not succeeding, I finally have the pictures and the time to do a quick post.

Sorry Emily, I had to go out of town this weekend and still haven't been able to do a few pictures to help you with the blanket. As with everyone, time is just flying away from me!

So a few updates about Christmas. I had such a good time playing with my niece and nephews. My knitting is always a magnet for their attentions. Robbie always wants to try his hand at it and asks me how long it will take for me to finish......never happy with my reply "when I finish". They decided to "help" me by taking all the balls of yarn and making one big huge ball with my needles in the middle of the mess. Don't they look like they are having fun??? I asked and they said they were! It took me two evenings to reball them up and get out my needles. The circulars were stuck in there somehow! Yes, that is a bent Addi Turbo.....I got it unbent enough that it still works, and is a little reminder of how much fun they had! Everyone asked me as I was untangling the mess if I regretted letting them. But I didn't...I mean they were playing with YARN! How cool is that!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


this post is specifically for Emily who recently wrote a comment about the blanket I'm making from the "Nursery Knits" book. (See post from Nov 30). There is something you should know about this, but I can't get a reply to you personally. I hope you are checking back. I will post a tutorial tomorrow for you. Basically though you have to reverse the pattern for half the blocks. This really confused me the first time I did it and since there isn't a picture of what it looks like in the book (other then the whole blanket pic) it is hard to pick it out at first. The first block goes "///", the second block must go "\\\" so that it forms the "V" pattern. I decided to do that color pattern from right to left on the second block. Don't know if this is right or not but it works. I'll try to do that tutorial tomorrow, because I think it is hard sometimes to follow when you can't see what the person is talking about!

Other then that, I'm home. The vacation was good and I got to hold lots of babies and play with my niece and nephew lots! My sisters are all doing well, considering the babies they have all had this year! I even got my Mom knitting again. She wanted to make a bag like my sari silk one I made this year, so we picked out some Noro for her and she is going to town. She had it half done before I left! We have already booked going over in November to see everyone for my birthday and for Thanksgiving! So that makes it easier to come home.

I bought lots of craft stuff, got cool presents from Melissa and bought some cool books and mags. I promise to post them soon. I still haven't downloaded all my pictures etc to the main computer yet (Hubby has been busy playing with his new Web cam). But since we just got back on Sunday, you can't really blame me! I hope to catch up on everyones blogs and stuff soon! One of my New Year resolutions, was to post more. I really enjoy it and I don't get half the stuff posted that I want to, especially about Indie artists I buy stuff from!!!