Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday craft night

So this is what I had to hurdle to get into my craft room...left over mess from the bathroom remodeling. Oh well, I made it in and managed to ....

to kill a die cutter.... ruin three ears and finish one rabbit! I wanted to have so many more of the flowers. I thought it would look really neat, but unfortunately I broke the cutter. Oh was going so well! Now I know why they buy already cut felt flowers! It just felt good to get in there!

New Zine

I purchased this from Elsie Sampson from Chinese Sweatshop. The yellow book with the thread and the blue behind are the drawing zines. They are wonderful. She draws and tells you stories about how she started drawing and what she likes to draw etc. The green book is a sketch book and she added the pencil, 2 crayons and other bits and pieces to draw on. It is wonderful and worth a look. She has other zines also at her webpage. I found her through Croq zine. Her zine is so original though. She cuts and pastes and handpaints color. It is a wonderful inspiration.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Toby's present.....

I love buying things off of for gifts if I don't have the time to make something myself. I sent this to my nephew Toby first birthday. Maya from Maidenlove made this lovely elephant. I was so impressed, because when I told her it was a present, she took this picture and sent it to me. It was so nice to see how it looked and made it really personal as a gift. She makes these elephants and blankets from fabrics she has collected over the years. She will even make things out of your own fabric if you send it to her. She is in my Etsy favorites for sure!

ATC for March

The them for this Creative Mom ATC was Space of ones own. I couldn't resist doing my favorite space. I didn't know how to do it quickly, so I just drew it. I've been working on my drawing hopefully this will be alright for my swap person. Can you identify the objects in the pictures??? It is pretty well how my bed looks at the moment...or will when I go upstairs. I always think of Virgina Woolf's "A Room of One's Own" and think how important my bed is to me. I have always been a person who craves "me" time. My bedroom has been such a haven to me in the many bad and good times of my life.

This is the ATC I received from Kimberly for the Alphabet Soup exchange for February. I'm impressed how well she created the earth, without really drawing it. It is really cool. Thanks Kimberly.

Tote exchange.....

done with the tote for this exchange. It is a shopper, so I've not lined it. It should be useful to take into a shop when my pal has only a few things to pick when they go to the drug store or something. Hopefully she will get good use out of it. I'll fill it with some goodies I've bought for her too.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Easter projects

So here is what I've been up too. I've actually...shock...horror...have been assembly lining! I've never done that before, I must admit I'm usually a one time project maker. With all the Secret pals and just plain friends I have, I thought I would make a few of these up. I'm going to embellish the heck out of them once they are sewn up. I got the pattern from a wonderful felter Betz White. One of these days I'm going to try my hand at making my own pattern. At the moment, it is easier to have a pattern and then embellish it with my own ideas. Some of this fabric is new, some I've had, and some was given to me.

Doesn't she look cute! This one will be getting some embroidery on it I think. Who are the lucky recipients? Well, we shall see.....