Saturday, October 02, 2010

Finally Some crafting

Here we are...finally getting to sit in my beautiful craft room and remind myself that I am a crafter...not just a knitter and crocheter but a crafter!!!!
I just found out the other day that Bloglines is closing down, which gutted me because I have been with them for years and really liked how simple their feed reader was.....but the point is...I had a lot of patterns clipped on there and had to go through them and do something else! Well I came across this pattern from the blogger Knick Knack and Rick Rack which I have been holding on to since 2008.
It is a testament to buying things that you don't know what you are going to do with them...because I've had this rick rack for a couple of year, the felt is bits I had left over from other projects....see that is why you have stash!!! Tell my hubby that next time you see him!!!!

Anyway, the only thing different I did to her was I put card inside the two circles of felt. I decided that I need the strength because the rick rack is the large type and was very stiff. The thin rick rack was to small for this project. I bought this stuff on a trip to London, so there are lots of memories for me!

Well, this is the start of a beautiful relationship with my new room. It isn't totally finished yet. I've got some more organizing and decorating. Though that is true, I found it so good to be able to find things easier!! Looking forward to having some friends over to do some craft fun soon!!!