Monday, May 15, 2006

Workshop, part 1

Well I'm back! And it was TERRIFIC! If you are at all interested in combining knitting and crochet and want to do something totally without rules, this is for you! I've finally learned to download pictures and so I will try to add some now....cross our fingers it work!

First, Purdence is a joy. She has so much energy and never says that looks awful redo it. Instead she says, if you don't like it minimise it with more embellishment! Melanie Gill who is a really great freeform artist was also there from the US. She was fount of information and my head was reeling at the end with so much information!

I have a pic of me and Purdence but I'm almost embarrassed to show it. I found out this morning I was coming down with a that is my excuse why the picture of me looks so bad! I almost didn't share it...but decided that if I was going to show other people...I need to show me too! Unfortuantly, I didn't get a good picture of Mel, but that is here in the background looking down.Just to prove that this is an especially bad picture here is a better picture!
Ok, a bit cheaty...but it is better!

Anyway, here is Joy who was trying out new colors!

I will show more tomorrow.......


CraftyPerson said...

Lovely to see everyone from the workshop! i can even see half of me!!

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

You look great! I swear, you haven't changed since high school.

Dawn said...

Other then the fact I've gain about 50 lbs or more.....The problem is I squinted my eyes up and stuck my fat chin out! Ugh!

I promise to post a better picture of me soon!