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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ever have one of the times when your brain is just so creative but you don't have the time to actually DO any of it???? It is driving me crazy!!!!! Friday I talked about all the books I got and the bags and boxes I want to make....but of course I can't get around to get them. We had a very busy weekend and I've got a busy week of studying etc to do...but I will get around to it. It will be so good when I get my craft room back! Then I can just go up there and get stuff out and not worry about putting it all away! Soon...soon!

Funny story. The other day Rich went out to get the car out. Most of the garages in the UK barely fit the small cars we have, let alone let you get in it to drive it in and out. So I have to wait for Rich to get the car out and I usually hang out in the house, finishing up turning stuff off, set the alarm, see if I've forgot anything...which of course I never remember anyway....etc. So I set the alarm and walk out thinking that the flowers in our flower pot look pretty good after the rain we had the previous evening. I stood looking at the flowers for a good few minutes...only to think...gee it is taking Rich a long time to get the car out....wait a minute...the door to the garage is shut...that is funny, that is my job to shut the door before getting in the car. Then I look across the street at my silly husband, who had backed out the car, pull it out across the street and parked, closed the door to the garage, got back in the car....and proceeded to watch me patiently for 5 min while I have my head in the clouds trying to figure out where he went!!!! He didn't even honk or roll down the window to yell at me or nothing!!! He thought it was so funny to watch me looking STUPID! Well, I got my own back...I always do!

Few more rows of Tobin's blanket to do and I've started Wesley's today. It is out of the Lucinda Guy book "Designs for kids". I love the colors...but I got to looking at the pattern and realized that I've picked another brain numbing pattern to do. It is all garter stitch. I made sure I found something more interesting for my other sister that is preggers! I sent of for the pamplet for the afghan that was featured in the Mason Dixon Knitting book from Woolly Thoughts It is awesome and even though the stitching itself is still in garter, there should be a lot to think about with the curves etc. I'm really looking forward to making it.

Well, time to clean out the little girls! Life is so interesting when you have rodents! The guinea pigs are out mowing our postage stamp yard, and the rats and mice are sleeping...but not for long! He He He.......


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Some days, the brain-numbing patterns are the only ones I can manage. ;-)

Knitting Mummy said...

I have just had to give up knitting a lacey pattern as I just don't get left alone long enough to pay attention to what I am doing so the only way to go is to do brain-numbing.:-)

Dawn said...

True, you are both right. I suppose the problem is I'm in a Jazzed mood at the moment and would like to take one a difficult stitch pattern...not a difficult pattern itself...if ya see what I mean. I think that I'll be ok after the weekend workshop!