Thursday, May 18, 2006

Information about Free Form

Bekka asked in the comments about the workshop so I thought I would tell about a few websites you can have a look at. The first is Prudence Mapstones website She has a wealth of information and was a wonderful teacher. You never did anything wrong in the just did it different and if you didn't like what you had made...cover, hide, or embellish it until you do! I found that wonderful! Prudence is from Australia though, so doesn't do many workshops here or in the US. If you keep an eye on her website she does say where she is teaching. She also has 3 great books to buy and some books you can pay for and download which I think is great! I did find that you can buy her books in the States, but I've not checked Amazon. Again, all the infor is on her website. It is well worth a look because her work is gorgeous.

Someone in that States that gives workshops is Margaret Hubert. You can see her website at: She also has a lot of good information on her website.

It really is a liberating exercise to do this type of work. I enjoyed it a lot. Have a play with it and see what you think! There are no wrong or right way, which is so unusual in knitting!


CraftyPerson said... just outside Guildford, Surrey usually have Prudence Mapstone's books. They only seem to have her new freeform handbook on their website at the moment but I'm sure if you phone up they will be able to help.
Don't just turn up on their doorstop - they are out in the middle of nowhere and I seem to rememeber that they AREN'T open at weekends. So phone and check opening days AND times first.
It was either Prudence Mapstone or Margaret Hubert who was able to let me buy their books directly from them and pay with PAYPAL.

Keep up the freeform evangelising Dawn!

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Cool! I'll have to check out those sites you posted.