Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Can't believe it is almost clean!

By this weekend I should have a clean craft room! I just have to figure what to do with Rich's computer! I went through my yarn, and designated some of it for charity knitting. I have to admit, I DON'T have as much as I thought...but I do have more there that I didn't remember buying......But that is from 6 years or so ago before I got married and moved here. It is good to get the stuff out and feel that I'm a bit more organized! Getting there anyway.

I've joined to challenges for this summer. The first one is a summer reading challenge. Read about it here: I have to get my book list figured out. I need to get back to doing some reading because I've become very knit I have to admit we now have a TV in the bedroom.....shock horror! But very handy when it gets so cold in the winter (or now actually!)

The second challenge is the Knitting World Cup. Read about it here:
I think I'm going to work on my blanket. I found a good pattern I think in the new book I got today. I wasn't sure about this book, because I've not really ready more then one review of it. But I should have known it would be good when I found out the author is Melanie Falick who wrote American Knitting, my favorite book af all time! Anyway, there are some flower washcloths in here that I manage to find the yarn for....Yeah!!! These will make great gifts. Also, the blanket I could use my Colinette kit I bought at the Knitting and Stich show last year. If I don't watch it, I might actually get all the kits done I bought there.....


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

I'm in the Knitting World Cup, baby! I just e-mailed them and signed up. My project is going to be an Estonian lace scarf.

wendy said...

Looking forward to seeing your reading list..