Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!!

This has been the best week! I've not had to work to much...the weather has turned lovely...and I GOT LOTS OF CREATIVE STUFF! Three books...crochet magazine from the States...2 recycling ideas to try...etc...etc. It has been wonderful!

The books...most important event! I had ordered "Big Girl Knits" and I got it in on Thursday! What a great book. The patterns are actually a bit big for me...can't believe that! But what I wanted more then anything was the first part where they show you how to fit your body. Especially how to change your patterns to fit you! I really can't wait to try them might be a bit. And I want to find a good pattern to make mom something!

I finally got tired of hearing how great two other books are and decided to just go ahead and buy them and they came in TODAY! The first I can't keep my hands off...."Mason Dixon Knitting". It is everything that others said it was. I was afraid it might be a bit too country for me, but it has so much in it that I want to make. I can't get over it!

The third book is "Knitting Rules" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I've opened it, but it is going to be my nightly reading for the next few weeks. It looks wonderful!

A very nice lady for the States took pity on me and sent me the Spring Interweave Crochet magazine. It looks wonderful and I'm really looking forward to using a couple of the ideas it has given me!

I've also had some great ideas about recycling materials. I'm making a string bag at the moment...which I think I've written about but it is out of plastic and I thought it would be better to not buy plastic when I'm surrounded by plastic bags. So I've started doing some research and have found a couple different ways of cutting up the bags and I'll see how it goes. There are some nice bag patterns out there if you google "recycle +plastic bags +knit" I also used +crochet. I like the idea of the string bag though because it can be folded up and put into your purse or pocket and still be reused over and over again! We are always getting somewhere and not having a bag so you have to get another plastic bag.

Also, I want to try and make woven boxes out of think cardboard boxes, like Kleenex boxes etc. We will see how that to get that craft room cleared out so I can do some of this stuff!!!

Anyway....better get back to my reading!!!


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

I've been debating about getting the "Big Girls" book and wondered if it was any good. If you like it, then I might get it. I've heard good things about the Mason-Dixon book, too. I'll be interested to hear (read) what you think after you've finished it.

Dawn said...

I think you would enjoy the book. It is written in such a down to earth way that I love! It has had me laughing and since I'm afraid of doing the math for changing patterns that says a lot! Give it a look see!

I can't wait to start a rug first. I'll have to wait a bit though because I've got several projects in the wings...especially with the workshop this weekend!

sarah said...

I second the Mason-Dixon recommendation; they've included some lovely ideas in it and a lot of humour. I loved the photo of her son with the 8lb ball of string -- I've been trying to think of things to do with the stuff I've made on the lucet; knitting with it had only vaguely occurred to me. When I went to buy some stuff from the builder's merchants this morning I found myself fondling the sash cord thinking I could make a rug of this...

I must warn you, though, of a possible Warshrag addiction... after reading that section I spent some time on Texere trying to work out which cotton would work best :-)

Dawn said...

I was thinking about which yarn to use also! I think that any cotton would do really. I think that even Paton's does a cotton that could be used. I'll have to give it a is difficult because I have used sugar and cream yarn and it is really good for washrags. Really soft but durible!