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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yeah for Borders!

I know it is sad to be so excited about a big name bookstore. But I can now get my American magazines and drink Starbuck's, so I can't help being a bit excited!

So what did I buy? I got Mary Englibert's Home Companion magazine, which I've never seen before. It is really good. I was very surprised. I know of Mary and have seen her many books and art work. Her magazine isn't as country looking as I thought it might be. There is a lot of nice bright colors and art decorating. I really like it, and will buy more.

I have to admit to buying two books. I've not seen these before, and it is nice to actually sit with my hot chocolate having a good look through the books. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy too many books this year, but I have to admit that two books that have gone on my wishlist are the new Tracy Ullman and Mel Clark's "Knit 2 Together", which had 3 patterns I wanted to go home and start...and Erica Knight's new book "Essential Crochet", which has her characteristic home furnishings.

So what did I buy? The first book was one I had on my wishlist (I just figured out) "Fabric Leftovers" by D'Arcy-Jean Milne. This books is excellent. It has two things I have to try, the first is Lazy Crazy Patchwork. You just sew pieces in strips and do lots of cool embroidery. Then you use those pieces as fabric to make pillows etc. She also show you how to take cord and use the sewing machine to embroider over it. The effect is awesome and I can see it being used for so many different projects.

The second is a book I hadn't seen before, "New from Old" by Jayne Emerson. I've seen many of this type and after looking at the books thought they were good for insperation, but they really weren't in my style. This one is so different. She has split the book into: dying, embellishing, and actually reusing the item to make something different. She makes me wish I had a leather skirt to make into a bag, and her use of fabric flowers to embellish is really inspiring!

We will have to see how I get on with these. I've promised myself that I would make sure I actually use the books I this is a bit of a challenge! Must make valentines cards first though!


stickchick said...

Those all sound like great books to get lost in over and over again!! I love to do that too, sit with some hot cocoa and read the mags at borders, ahhh, there's nothing like it!!

Knitting Mummy said...

We have a Borders not far from us I have never bothered going in there I think I should give it a try. Knitting books and mystery fiction I almost need a lie down thinking about it and if there is hot chocolate involved.:-)

Kendra said...

I've never been in a Broders either but it sounds like heaven! I like the sound of the new from old book - what a great concept.

Dipsy said...

Oh, these books that you got sound so absolutely interesting - especially the "New from Old" one, I bet there's a lot of amazing projects in it! Yay for Borders!

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Of all the chain stores we have here in the US, Borders is definitely the least offensive. The aging hippies in my neighborhood really objected to the opening of our Borders, but I was glad they lost that battle. It's a nice store and has room for book clubs to meet, unlike the smaller independent stores in the area.