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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here I am....

after some technical difficulties and some more time spent trying to get things done...and not succeeding, I finally have the pictures and the time to do a quick post.

Sorry Emily, I had to go out of town this weekend and still haven't been able to do a few pictures to help you with the blanket. As with everyone, time is just flying away from me!

So a few updates about Christmas. I had such a good time playing with my niece and nephews. My knitting is always a magnet for their attentions. Robbie always wants to try his hand at it and asks me how long it will take for me to finish......never happy with my reply "when I finish". They decided to "help" me by taking all the balls of yarn and making one big huge ball with my needles in the middle of the mess. Don't they look like they are having fun??? I asked and they said they were! It took me two evenings to reball them up and get out my needles. The circulars were stuck in there somehow! Yes, that is a bent Addi Turbo.....I got it unbent enough that it still works, and is a little reminder of how much fun they had! Everyone asked me as I was untangling the mess if I regretted letting them. But I didn't...I mean they were playing with YARN! How cool is that!!!!


Anonymous said...

ACK!! The yarn!! Ack!! The Addi Turbo!!! OOOh the humanity!!

I would cry if you hadn't told us it was all fixed later and no needles or yarn were harmed in the making of these photos!

Glad you and the kids had fun though. hehe

sarah said...

What she said. Aaargh! But they meant well, and it sounds as though everyone enjoyed themselves :-)
Fortunately the cats don't often help me with my knitting, although Dyson's assistance with preparing a warp resulted in several broken threads.

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

You let the kids play with Addi Turbos? You should win an award for Best Aunt of the Year! ;-)