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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Arts and Crafts fun

Paige and I did some art work while I was home. She got a great Arts and Crafts box that had drawers like you would use for nuts and bolts and stuff. It was SOOOOO cool! I wanted it. She had a great time doing this. I did one too, but I left it and forgot to take a picture. Who could ask for a better Christmas then playing with a collage with your niece. She decided that mine looked like a turkey. I asked her what hers looked like, and typical three yr old....nothing it is a collage! Here she is playing with her doll. I'm glad I sewed those legs and arms on good and tight! I can tell ya, that doll will not have clothes on it, unless her mom puts them on her! She just wasn't that interested! I thought it was interesting that the dress she has on is very much like one I wanted to make her! So I guess I will go ahead and try!


Anonymous said...

My dolly still has clothes on and is sitting ever so properly in my craft room. My dolly is a good girl, and she looks juuuust like me too!!

I love my dolly!! And I love your turkey too!! ;-)

Dipsy D. said...

It seems you and Paige had such a lot of fun crafting together - how great!

Knitting Mummy said...

Paige looks lovely and so do the dress she is wearing go ahead and make one. The doll looks like she is nice and securely sewn together,