Tuesday, January 09, 2007


this post is specifically for Emily who recently wrote a comment about the blanket I'm making from the "Nursery Knits" book. (See post from Nov 30). There is something you should know about this, but I can't get a reply to you personally. I hope you are checking back. I will post a tutorial tomorrow for you. Basically though you have to reverse the pattern for half the blocks. This really confused me the first time I did it and since there isn't a picture of what it looks like in the book (other then the whole blanket pic) it is hard to pick it out at first. The first block goes "///", the second block must go "\\\" so that it forms the "V" pattern. I decided to do that color pattern from right to left on the second block. Don't know if this is right or not but it works. I'll try to do that tutorial tomorrow, because I think it is hard sometimes to follow when you can't see what the person is talking about!

Other then that, I'm home. The vacation was good and I got to hold lots of babies and play with my niece and nephew lots! My sisters are all doing well, considering the babies they have all had this year! I even got my Mom knitting again. She wanted to make a bag like my sari silk one I made this year, so we picked out some Noro for her and she is going to town. She had it half done before I left! We have already booked going over in November to see everyone for my birthday and for Thanksgiving! So that makes it easier to come home.

I bought lots of craft stuff, got cool presents from Melissa and bought some cool books and mags. I promise to post them soon. I still haven't downloaded all my pictures etc to the main computer yet (Hubby has been busy playing with his new Web cam). But since we just got back on Sunday, you can't really blame me! I hope to catch up on everyones blogs and stuff soon! One of my New Year resolutions, was to post more. I really enjoy it and I don't get half the stuff posted that I want to, especially about Indie artists I buy stuff from!!!


Emily said...

Hi! It's Emily, and I did check back! I bookmarked your page the other day. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on your page and my name was the title! I feel honored. :) Thank you so much for the notes about the blanket. I need to get to work on it. A group of knitters and I are planning a yarn buying trip this weekend to Webs! Woohoo!

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

I'd like to post more, too...but I'm too busy knitting! *grin*

Anonymous said...

I just purchased this book, and I have been frantically trying to track down errata info for it...to no avail.

I would love to knit the "Angel Dress," but it appears that the sizes/measurements may be listed incorrectly...it is in the "Toddler" section, but the sizes only go up to 9-12 months...not to mention that the child pictured looks to be significantly older than 9-12 mos.

Any help would be appreciated!