Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekend project....

it finally cooled down for little bit this weekend, so I did get a few things done. I worked on the tutorial for the pincushion. I decided to do it on Flickr, since it is difficult to download all the pictures on here....but Flickr isn't behaving tonight. So it isn't quite done yet. I also ran out of download space (I got rid of 4 pics but they still wouldn't let me download more....sheesh....). So you will get a shorter tutorial then I wanted to do....sorry.

I was trying to download a picture of a sampler I've been working on, but Blogger or my computer isn't you will have to wait to see that too....Jeez Man-netly....(Do I know how to spell or what.....;-D.)

I also have been working on Welsey's (nephew-to-be) blanket. It is coming along...but I found out that he is coming on the 31st of July...a bit earlier that I had heard last time....sooooooo I'm going to be late with it also!!!!

Ah laid plans and all that. It is back to being really hot, so I will try to get on with something....we shall see......

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