Sunday, July 09, 2006

Not as good a weekend as hoped for!

I managed to only get a few cards done. I like these, they are felt on card. I'm not a great card maker, not liking paper craft as much as fiber. But I like the idea of the felt. I'm investing in some 100% wool, which I've had to buy from a children's craft shop on line??? Not sure why they don't carry it elsewhere...but there ya go! These are made out of poly though. I could get that here. Then I used a glue stick to stick it down. It didn't look to be sticking very good, but once I put a book over it and let it sit a bit, they did fine! I feel that I should send homemade cards when I'm sending off swaps and thankyou's...just doesn't feel right to not have homemade cards with/for homemade stuff!

This is a bad result...almost as bad as the US did in the World Cup! I didn't complete it! the US is wasn't really my fault...though I can't blame Italy. I can blame the fact that I lost two of the needles! Very important needles too! So I've had to order a new set. Problem there is these are US size 1 which can be either 2.25 or 2.5...hopefull I'll be ok with what I bought (since they don't do 2.25 where I bought them from.) The good news is, I was able to slip them on and they far!

OK...OK....I couldn't resist and went ahead and unrolled and rerolled my ball of yarn. There are all kinds of little goodies that I'll have fun playing with! You can't see the cut purse and jacket charms very well. and the pink blob in the back is beautiful pink ribbon. A couple of the little beads have US and UK flags on them. I'm torn between making a small envelope bag with the embrodiery floss or use it for the embrodery on felt I'm going to do....we shall see! Thanks again Alyshajane!


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

The cards are very cute! Nice job. I didn't finish my WKC project either. I just got bored with it. Maybe I have adult ADD. ;-)

Jeanie said...

Love your cards! And your socks will look great too!

Miss Dot said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my post re my boy cuffs, they were fun to make and could easily be done with camo ribbon if you can get it. My nephew hasn't taken it off since so that is an EXCELLENT (said with accent) sign that they are WICKED (same accent) love your hand made cards, I did something once with organza and stiched them on the sewing machine, just a single line up the centre that grabbed a bit of each square, tried that?