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Friday, July 07, 2006

Thanks for the Magic Yarn Ball Alyshajane

I was so surprised to get a package from Australia! The fabric and the scarf she didn't want to mush up in the ball so she put those in another package. They are lovely...and you can almost see the dragon fly buttons on the blue ribbon. The little gold charms didn't come out too well in the picture; there are two ballarinas, two flowers and a set of keys. I can feel beads and see lots of embrodery floss. I'm tempted to unroll the yarn to see what else is there...or should I just wait and make the wristlets that are on the summer with the yarn....Hmmm....the is an idea!

I should have taken a pic of the ball I sent my pal...but I was on vacation and I had so much in the ball I could only roll half of the yarn! Hopefully my pal will get it soon and show it on her blog so that I know she got it and liked it!

I'm going to do another Swap on Swap-bot. This time it is something homemade. I think it doesn't close until sometime in Aug, so go on over to and check out the different swaps they have!

I've got so many ideas going on in my head at the moment. I've more time at work at my desk, so I've been listening to Craftypod. Wow...I keep thinking that I would just listen to it even though I'm not that interested in what they are doing...and it gives me these great ideas!!! It is great. I've also been listening to Craftsanity...which is also very good and give you ideas! I've promised myself craft time this weekend! I will also post so more of the ideas I have that I want to make.

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July in the States! I really miss the 4th and Thanksgiving! Ah year we will go home for both of them...I hope so anyway!


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Swap-bot? I must investigate.

I think you should still celebrate Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day. It'll scandalize the Brits. Hee, hee!

Anonymous said...


Rain said...

The yarn look fantastic with it's hidden treasures. I admire your patience, I'd have unravelled it by now.