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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Embrodery sample

I was finally able to download my picture from this weekend. So here is what I've started doing. I especially like the one on the far right. It is a simple running stitch with another thread looped through the stitches. I like that a lot and will use that one something soon. I learned that I need to have two lines drawn for stitch patterns like the far left two. I'm doing this on felt, because I want to make some needle accessories out of felt. We shall see. I've got great ideas...but if I get around and do them will be another thing! If it cools down a bit this weekend I plan on spending at least a few hours in my room making a traveling knitting bag. I've got the concept in my mind...but lets see if I do it.

The gal at Moonstitches talks about stopping her downsizing projects. She wants to work on a big one...her quilt that she hasn't been working on. (You have to pop over see her lovely quilt!!!! It is a modern take on a quilt pattern I've seen many times. ) I need to do the opposite! I need to stop just working on the big knitting projects alone and actually do more playing like I did with the pincushion. I've got lovely fabric and I want to get to sewing some softies for my niece and nephews...bags....spinning...beading....braiding....Whew...I'm tired just thinking about it, and yet energized!


Alice said...

Yes, the playing is an important part of exploring and learning more about different crafts but we don't often make the time. Embroidery looks satisfying but I'm not sure if it appeals enough to spend time doing it. Perhaps I'll just enjoy looking at everyone else's!

Dawn said...

The thing about embroidery is once you have the stitch down you can do so much with out taking much time. It can be used in so many places too. The far right one could be used in place of a braid on a knitted item using the yarn from the project. Alice, you do so many cool knitting projects you are really in the zone. I kind of wish I could do that, but I like too much variety!

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Your embroidery sampler is lovely. I wish I could still do it myself, but my hands bother me too much. Pinching the thumb and forefinger together just kills me. Knitting doesn't hurt, though, probably because it's a wider range of motion.