Friday, June 09, 2006

Well, it has officially started...I came home to find my hubby sitting watching without even picking up the mail! At least he opened the windows since it is so blasted hot!

What is it about shoes??? I thought I would buy a few pairs of cropped pants for my vacation. So I found three really nice ones, one cheap the others expensive...but it is difficult to get any that fit me so I was happy. Thought I would just take a peek in Shoon a shoe store in Winchester....and what did I do...bought Two pairs. I was saving my money for the vacation...but I couldn't resist. I got a pair of Think that are so comfortable..I hope...I have a pair for winter that I just love....but this pair has lots of straps across the top...and my feet are soooo wimpy!!! I hope I don't end up with blood feet! The others are espidrills(sp) and I love them...but they usually don't go around my ankles! But this pair do! So I had to buy...didn't I???

Anyway, go USA...and England...and Wales...and Scotland...and Ireland...etc etc etc etc..........Actually! Go Knitting World Cup Participants!!!!

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