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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day five of vacation....

doing well. We have had 2 days of doing NOTHING! Which has been great. Rich has rested, I've kept the cold sort of at bay, and I've managed to get a book read and a project done! So I feel pretty good. We are in Norwich at the Beautiful Library here. There are actually books!!! It is etc but done in such a way the books are protected...which is important to me!

Anyway, done with my blanket for Tobin...even have the ends woven in. It turned out that I had stitched the one side wrong, so I didn't have to re knit any of it...but I did have to restitch it 4 times before I finally made it work! It looks fine, and truefully he will never use it because they live where it is way to hot for a wool blanket. Hopefully he will enjoy it a bit anyway.

I've started doing a gauge swatch for my socks so that I can figure out what that is. I had read the the best way to do that with double pointed needles, was to carry the yarn across the back and knit only in one direction, since that is how you work the stockingette in the round. So I didn't that. It wasn't as easy as it sounded, but I think it was ok. I've rinsed it out with water and I'll block it and see what the count comes out to be....we shall see!

I also plied my yarn that I was doing and it has turned out ok. I started spinning again last night, but I got fed up because there was a storm coming and the wind was making my headache.

Anyway, tomorrow is Rich's b-day and we are going to go see seals on Blakeny Island and probably Shire horses in the morning. He is really looking forward to that. Today we shopped some and we went to the yarn shop where I'm having the workshop on Sat. Didn't have TONS of yarn...but all was top quality. I will photo and tell all when I'm at home.

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