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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sari Bag

Finally got my biased sari bag done. It was a pattern off of I really enjoyed making. I've had it done for about a month but I hadn't managed to get the lining done. I decided to recycle some muslin that we get our mill worms in. Yes, I did wash the bag! It worked perfect, being just the right size and everything. Just a bit of cutting and sewing and the bag is ready to be taken on our vacation. The only problem is...the handle is too long. That is really strange because I did measure it...but these things happen!

The reason I was able to sew in the lining is....Rich got rid of those stupid computers off of my table in MY craft room...and I can now use my sewing machine and leave out my projects!! I almost wish we were staying home for vacation!

Hot hot! My hubby has come down with a cold on top of his bad allergies, so he is doing a lot of vegging in front of the telly watching footie....(there I go begin British again!)


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Well done! The bag is lovely.

Dipsy said...

This bag is so pretty, it seems to be big enough to hold all the goodies that a knitter girl needs - fantastic!
I'm sorry to hear that your hubby has been sick lately - but I'm sure that a bit of soccer on TV and Team England winning will sure do the trick that he'll feel better soon again! :) All the best!

Kendra said...

The bag looks really great. Hope that you are having a good holiday.