Thursday, June 01, 2006

Trying to prioritize

Hmmm.....lets see. I've got a cabillion things I want to lets see what they are...

*Learn to spin on spindle.....(buy fleece....) just more practice!
*Finish blanket for Tobin....trouble there...stupid middle is to big for the border....UGH!!!!
*Work on presents for two people (washcloths that should be quick...but still) Done, just need to send one off!
*Make 2 bags out of fabric I've bought
*Work on blanket for Wesley (a nephew who has arrived yet..Aug...must be done by Aug.)
*Learn how to needle felt Done, more practice workshop in October
*Figure out what I'm going to make for Knitting World Cup....probably going to use book I have to make a pair of socks that ACTUALLY fit Have deicded on the socks
*Work on toothbrush rug I'm making with hubby...need more fabric
*Work on knitted Art project
*Do embroidery art project
*make tote bag out of recycled plastic bags....I find myself eyeing colorful bags now...I picked up two bright pink ones left to float around outside!
*do free form vest
*do free form motifs for my pink bag from last year!

Gosh I'm sure there is more!!!! I'm just so jazzed to do things at the moment. I know I should probably calm down and do one thing till finished....but it is very creative to keep the ideas coming. That is what the embrodery project is off the website Inspire me Thursday.

It is basically art, but I think that there ideas are so good and they give you a week to do them. You can't always produce something that quick...but if you check on Sunday or Monday they set the challenge for the Thursday. I'm working on getting myself to be more arty and not rely so much on others patterns. I'm not really a sweater maker anyway. So I will continue to try and have fun.

Another good website that I love look at is They have lots of inspiring craft ideas and I'm doing some research through their recycled section. I'm still really I always have useing old clothes etc to make new cool products! So we shall see how it goes.


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Oooh! I'm going to have to bookmark those sites you posted. Also--how do you do it all? I got tired just reading your list. ;-)

Dawn said...

Truthfully, I don't that is the problem. It is good to see them in print though. They make them seem like I might actually get them done. Some of the stuff is possible stuff. The presents are a priority really so I'm getting on with them.....sigh...but the arty stuff is important too so I'm going to have to spend at least an hr a night studying and an hr is nice to have some varity though!

ebbye said...

Knitting World Cup???