Friday, June 09, 2006

Knitting World Cup

Tried to post this last night, but Blogger was not work!

So I've decided that I'm tired of socks that are too big...and too small....(mostly too small....) so I'm going to make me a pair that actually fit for the World Cup. I'm going to use the book I bought "Cool Socks Warm Feet". It has good directions. I've not started the math or anything, I figured that was part of the process. I've got some Opal self striping yarn that I bought at the Quilt show that I will use. If I make a pair that I like, I'll then use the nice pink yarn my secret pal sent me to make another pair. We shall see......I don't like math....but it will be a good experience for me, and will encourage me to work on my knitting math! Stay tuned!


Nad said...

Hello! I'm part of the Knitting World Cup too and though I usually do socks I'm trying lace gloves now. Scary. :)

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Socks are a great project. I know you'll finish them in time.