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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sick of being sick

Yep, here I am....bedridden with a nasty cold....messing around with the internet trying to get caught up and maybe...just maybe a bit organized. If any of you visit me on will see that I've stashed a bunch of sock yarn I bought this weekend. I couldn't resist...I told hubby it was the virus that made me do it. I went several times to visit The Web of Wool stand, and by stitching their pattern for Mitt-Glove-en pattern in a bright pink/green/orange/blue Regia yarn....I sent many people their way. I love enabling (as many of you know.)

So where was I that I was buying all this yarn? At the Creative Stitches show in Cardiff helping at the NNA at booth for Poetry in Stitches 2. The pictures they have are gorgeous. The idea is that you take a poem and then interpret it through fibre. Sorry I don't have any pictures...but if you look on can see some of them. The Otter if my favorite though during the weekend I kept changing my mind.

Anyway, I bought some jewelry supplies too. I keep hoping that I'll sort out my room soon and be able to get somethings done.

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Ruth said...

I hope you are feeling better now.