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Friday, November 14, 2008

Franklin Habit

Last night was the best. Went to London and had a bit of shopping and then to I Knit London tot to meet Franklin and Tom and have my book signed. It was wonderful. Here is a pic taken by the guys at I Knit to prove it....

It is a small world as always, turns out Tom has family that live around Mattoon where my Grandfather has owned a cabin on the lake there for ages. So it was really good for me to get a little of Illinois for a very homesick girl!

I bought stuff of course....couldn't resist. I'm going to make this hat for one of my sis's....(scan down a bit and see the red hat.) I also bought some orange yarn to make me some gloves. We saw some really nice ones at Liberty's....but I just couldn't buy them when I can make them......especially at that price!!!!

Sorry no real pictures. I'm going to get myself a more compact camera so that I can actually carry it around with me more.


Ruth said...

It's good to see you out an about again! The photo makes the shop look a lot bigger than I remember it. I didn't manage to stay very long when I was there as I had daughter in tow and she is yarn intolerant - except when it has been knitted up and she gets to wear stripy socks or "cool" fingerless mitts!!

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!