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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More books and magazines.....

This book is sooooo cool. I was drooling over it last time we went to Borders, but decided to not buy it at that moment....but of course a £10.00 off ticket was eating a hole in my wallet and I just had to get it. So off I went after work and picked it up. I have trouble with color. Not sure why. I suppose I just haven't thought about it, other then knowing what colors I like and what colors look good on people.

Anyway, this book is great. Gives lots of combinations for such categories as "Fresh" and "Alluring", so it should be good to help me with some of the projects I'm doing out of a few books for my journals.

This book was so good I couldn't pass it up. It has all kinds of logos in it. But it has such wonderful bright colors I was just so struck by it, I had to buy it! It even has an interactive companion CD with it. I'll have to see what that is like when I have more time....

I was looking through this mag, and was so stuck by all the lovely colors. As you can see this is an American mag (gotta love it).

I was flipping through the pages and came across this page...I thought...HEY I know those dogs....and sure enough the house they are featuring is one of the bloggers I follow. I remembered then that she talked about being featured, but at the time thought "oh well...another magazine I can't get here....woe is me"....but I was WRONG. She is Alicia Paulson and her blog is so wonderful and full of great ideas...just like her house!

This is an Australian magazine I hadn't seen before. So I got it to have a go. It has some traditional crafts, but there is enough of a twist to it. I thought that I could use it to give me some ideas of embroidery that I could tweak.


stickchick said...

Looks like some very inspring purchases! The color ones should be really useful and stimulating.

I read Posy everyday, I've been drooling on that mag everytime I see it!

Loving the Austrailian mag! They have some of the best mags and greatest silk ribbon embroidery.

Kendra said...

The Romantic Home magazine looks really lovely. I'll have to look out for it!

craftypeople said...

You're going to have to have a 2nd home soon just to store all those books and mags not to mention your
S T A S H !