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Monday, August 21, 2006

NEC Quilt show & Teaching craft

I got a call from a good friend on Fri...did I want to go to the Quilt show with here....I didn't hesitate....yes my hubby and I had just been talking about money issues.....and yes we had just discussed what cleaning we were going to do....but I couldn't resist! This is the BIG quilt show of the year. They are very international, and though I've never gone before...and don't quilt...I wanted to go badly. So I got up early...ON A WEEKEND...what I sacrifice for my crafT!!!!!...and off we went. It was wonderful. I did buy a few things that I'll show. I told Hubby that I wanted to get some fusible batting (wadding), and Linda and I ended up buying a Queen size and splitting it. I found some fabric to make a bag for my nephew...decided not to knit his like I did the others....with really cool dinosaurs on it. I also found some chicken fabric for me...don't know what is going on with the chickens...I think because it reminds me of my grandmother.... I also picked up some silk hankies so that I can try drop spindling them. Also picked won't guess...two more BOOKS. These are really cool though and I will do a review of them latter in the week. For tonight...I have to finish up my project for my Homemade swap!!!! Must get that sent off!

I also had a real treat this weekend. There is a lovely couple who I go to church with that bring their grandkids. A lovely girl of 8 and a boy of 4. One day I went to help her do the Sunday School and I had my knitting with me. I got it out and the girl was fascinated! She wanted to know how to do we had a go. I also showed her crochet. So yesterday, she was at church and kept asking if I could show her knitting again. We didn't get a chance to do it during church or she asked me if I could come over to her grandmothers house in the afternoon to show her how. I decided to stop and pick up a French knitter for her and some yarn. The French knitter came with a pompom maker and I picked up some thick yarn, thinner yarn and a crochet hook also. I wasn't sure how much time we would have. She was so excited I barely had to ring the bell before the door was thrown open! We started with the French knitter and as soon as we figured out the best way for her to hold it (she is left handed), she was off! She did about 6" while we were sitting there. I had time before I went over, to make her a pink bag out of some fabric I already had. I didn't put a handle on it...I told her that was her job! I made some terrible buttonholes for her to run the rope through when she was done. I need to practice my buttonholes more!!!! Anyway, she was thrilled and me and her brother made a couple pompoms and did some finger knitting. He did quite well...but at that age your attention span was only long enough for 3" of finger knitting! All in all, it was fun and I really enjoyed getting the experience fo teaching! I highly recommend it!


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Teaching kids is a lot of fun. Sometimes they pick it up faster than the adults do.

alyshajane said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the quilt show! Not to mention teaching kids. You've inspired new knitters! :)

Knitting Mummy said...

I know how great teaching kids is, I do a class every Thursday after school in term time, I teach them crossstich and knitting. I have about 28 kids in there and sometimes only me teaching, it can be a bit hectic but it is nice to keep these old traditonal crafts still alive isn't it.