Wednesday, May 01, 2013


A finished project! Yeah! I like making T-shirts since England doesn't get that overly hot like Illinois can. This is my second, but first in cotton. Last year I used linen, which was lovely, but when you knit something with out seams joining the ends is hard. Linen and cotton aren't as forgiving as wool. I ended up with a huge hole when I joined the linen on the sleeve. Well, I decided to ask someone who had designed t-shirts how they joined theirs, and she said with a really tight knot and the cut off the ends. Hmmm Well I gave it a go with mixed results. I love the Cascade Ultra Prima yarn though. It is sooo soft. I have enough leftover for a child's which of my "adopted" nieces of 4 and under to choose......

Oh the pattern is from and is called Gemini.


John said...

Have you knitted that Dawn? No sewing machine in sight?! That's cool!

Eddie Roued said...

Hang on, what's John doing here. ;-) Imagine my surprise.
It looks lovely sweet thing. I hope you will be bringing it to Munich so we can see it live.


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Dawn said...

I know I replied that you don't need a sewing machine for all t-shirts! The girls at work were teasing me that it was a sweater because it was knit, but I told them when you knit you need more types of garments!

Dawn said...

Wore it today and it was very comfortable!

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