Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pincushion done.


Seems I have to be careful how many pictures I try to download. So I've had to edit this post a bit.

I've been suffering from my IBS really bad last few days. We went out to eat and had spicy Jamaican food and I've been off work, so I've been finishing off the embroidered pin cushion. (See rest of pictures.) This has been so much fun! I not only enjoyed the stitching, but the sewing up was magical. I didn't really know how it would get it's shape but it automatically does it as you sew it. Very cool. I used left overs from spinning to fill it up. Lots of crappy spinning from first few weeks have been useful!

Hopefully I'll feel better this weekend,and can post about some sewing.....


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Very pretty! I love those colors.

Eddie Roued said...

Oh no sweet thing. So sorry to hear about your IBS troubling you. Hope you are better soon. Can't wait to see you guys soon.

Love the pincushion. You can always use a funky pincushion.

Eddie's Room on Facebook come over for some crafty ideas and conversation.

Dawn said...

Love how your pincushion has turned out, lovely and bright!

Dawn said...

Thanks, it is just my colors!

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