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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ra'Net has changed

I decided that I didn't like the pattern I was using for the I've started over. Believe it or not I wanted something I nuts.....well this blog isn't called crazy for nothing! I like it though, and it is going well. I can do a motif while I'm on train between home and work, so that is good. Should get a few done that way anyway.

I gave up on Henry, the yarn I was using (alpaca) split very badly and I couldn't get my count right. I hurt my back terribly doing it. It was so tight and stressful since there were so many slipped stitches. Hopefully, I find another pattern to do for my Dad.....really wanted a scarf for him!

I'm excited about teaching a crochet workshop. I hope that it goes well and I can do more. I'm going to teach a Granny patch that uses all of the crochet stitches that are most commonly used. Hopefully it will be great fun! I have several friends that have signed that will be great.


ruth said...

did you get the pattern from somewhere or did you make it up?

Dawn said...

I made it up myself. It is going fairly well...I should be getting on with it a bit more....but I've got tons to do at the moment