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Sunday, June 08, 2008

So what have I been working on???

This.....Rowan Joy, Rowan Handknit cotton

And this.....
The first and second pictures are of a sweater I started a few months ago. The crocheting has been easy, but I had to work to make the sleeves large enough for my huge it isn't muscle. Anyway, the first picture is closer to the real color of the green then the second.

The third picture is an experiment I'm doing. I've been wanting to make some rugs...don't know why...just did. Well in July I have been asked to do a quick lesson on luceting with the gals at the guild. So I thought it would be good to actually have something sort of made for it. I love the square braid this makes and it sews together very easy. I'm making this out of Peaches and Cream cotton I bought in the States when I was home for Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

love the sweater:)
Hi from your SP:))

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Great sweater! I think I need to take a crochet class. There are so many great patterns out there nowadays.

Dawn said...

Thanks SP!!! must learn how to crochet. It is so useful to know how to do!!!