Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello Kitty fun

Here are a couple of presents I've made recently. I love the top pattern book the most. But I like the way you stitch on the face on the bottom picture. My Niece Paige got the Kitty and her mom told me she took it to a sleep over the next night. I had to make something for her, when we visited last everything that was knitted in my suitcase she would ask..."Did you make this?" Her brother is getting a doggie, and possibly more from the easily found book below. It uses a type of chart for the directions which is handy.
Off on vacation now. Taking a bag and a basket full of crafting goodness. Wonder if I'll get any of it done?


Urban Domestic Goddess said...

Too cute!!! Or as they say in Japanese, "Kawaii!!!!"

Anonymous said...

watch your mail box I think something is on its way to you:)
your SP

Knitting Mummy said...

They are so lovely I want one.LOL They are so very cute.