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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday craft day

Hey! I did it! With some distractions.....

as this in my face as I try and make this:

I like this, but decided it wasn't long enough....and of course I didn't have enough of the tiny off for more. I used waxed linen and I've learned that using beeswax and letting the end get hard a bit makes it go through the holes much easier. Stuff like that you can't learn from a book!

Next I took apart a necklace I bought at a charity shop to make one that I've been inspired from Instyle Mag. Of course, again not enough beads. I was going to make it out of wood beads, but didn't like that they are dyed and can't be guaranteed not too bleed. Then I thought of glass beads, but that was going to be very heavy. The necklace in the mag was made of I thought it would be ok. Especially when I walk into the only charity shop I went in that day and found this necklace! So I just need to find a few more small plastic beads and I'll have that one made. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep either of these necklaces. I like them, but the colors aren't really me. I've been tempted to open an Etsy shop....but not too sure.....what do you guys think...and give me your real won't hurt my feelings.

I started working on this box then...again don't have what I need. I used some cool double stick tape I bought that is suppose to be really good. But I still think it needs some glue to fill in the wholes and make the whole thing more stable. I've had this mix of beads for ever. I think it looks cute on here. It is just a box that I got with some jewelry I bought. Thought it would be cool to recycle some more! I finally did something! Now I'm going to watch telly with hubby and maybe fool around....with my blog layout....fooled ya!


Knitting Mummy said...

Glad you got sometime to do what you love. hope you are well haven't commented for a while just wanted you to know I am stil reading.

stickchick said...

oooh, I love the cherry necklace!!! Okay, I love all the beads. Must be in the air, or it's your fault I've been mad for beading lately.

Ya, it's gotta be your fault. You're always influencing me, I'm telling Dale you made me okay?

stickchick said...

Oh DANG!! You should open a store!! I forgot to say in in my other comment.

I've said you should for along time, you're sooo talented!!! But you have to find what fits, maybe you have now.

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

That's adorable! You should post a pic of yourself wearing it.

Ruth said...

I keep popping in here to see if you have posted something new for me to see. How are your craftdays coming along?