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Friday, April 11, 2008

Change in my life...

I've become on of those part-time workers....and I'm so glad. I took a chance with my boss at work and we decided that I should have one day off during the week. So now Wednesday can be catchup and....wait for it.......CRAFTING DAY!!!! Well, that was the theory...until I came down with a killer cold and spent all of Wednesday moaning around the mean BED. Anyway, next week I hope will be better and I can do some posting! I've got a really cool couple of necklaces I'm working on, and I'm really close to getting another sweater done....if I can just get the arms right.



Ruth said...

Do care care of yourself and make sure that cold has well and truly gone before you start dashing around again. What wonderful news about your Wednesdays. my "baby" sister does exactly the same thing but in her case it is to get on with writing her novel. I can't wait for her to finish it - it's worse than if she was giving birth again. She feed me with it piecemeal, then the amendments then something totally new. I think the whole world should have WEDNESDAY off to do something other than boring old work!

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

I'm so jealous! Not about the cold, of course. For that I offer much sympathy and wishes for a speedy recovery. But for the Wednesdays off??? You're living my dream, girl. *sigh*

stickchick said...

YAAAY for the whole kit and caboodle!! You need to take some time off for yourself, that's fabulous!!

Keep us posted on that sweater, can't wait to see the finished product.