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Sunday, October 01, 2006

From my good friend Melissa!

Here it is...I'm so greatful for this bag! Melissa did a great job with my requirements of...large!!! Pre-felting this must have been huge!!! She told me she thought she was going to fall in....such a smarty she is! This is from the Internation Tote Exchange! I've sent mine off to Holly on I'll post a pic soon when I know she has recieved it!
Melissa took pity on me and supplied me with some pumpkin faces, which I adore and can't get here!!!! She also sent me that lovely yarn and a few pieces of jewlery and the cutest tape measure you have ever seen....( didn't turn out to good). She also sent me a replacement for my quilting chalk pen that broke.
She did such a good job with the lining! You can tell she has sewed a thing or two in her day! I love all the pockets and as you can see I've filled them!

Great job Melissa! Melissa and I have hit it off really well...well we both have the same strange sense of humor! We are going to make a few things together and do some swaps between the two of us!!! Check her blog out!


Anonymous said...

He he, it looks HUGE with your stuff. Nice pics, someone must really love you! (It's me, it's me!!

Deborah said...

Wow that is beautiful and you got more yarn too!

Holly said...

What a great bag! It's beautiful!
I'll be watching for the postman!


Dawn said...

It is HUGE!!! But it fits everything nicely!

Yes Deborah...Melissa spoiled me rotten!

I'm really hopeing you like it Holly!