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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Writing for Historic Crafts

My dear friend Eddie (Henriette) has asked me to contribute to a new website called Historic Crafts that her and a friend are setting up. I thought I would post my first blog post that she asked me to write. The topic is my first crafting experience that I remember. I had to be a bit broader then that, but thought that I would post it here and hope that you visit the website to see what others have to say.

Eddie is one of the wonderful people I have met though the knitting group I go to on Thursday evenings. We use to meet at Borders, may it rest in peace, but now we are meeting in Ikea. This is one of the pictures I took on my phone of my lovely friends all knitting and chatting away. I use to hate Thursdays, but because of them it has become my favorite day of the week.

I'm crocheting away thanks to Attic24. I've had these ideas for ages and she just has got me off my butt to do it! Thanks to all the bloggers out there that make me remember that I am a crafter, not just a stasher. Well off to write a review for Eddie, she is sitting next to me and keeps asking what I'm doing! Need people like her to keep me going.

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Ruth said...


I've lost your email address!
Did you know the Contemporary Textile Fair is on at Teddington this weekend?
Sat 12 & Sun 13th March

I hope to get there. I've got your mobile number in my phone so I'll text you mine in case you go and want to meet up.