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Friday, February 01, 2008


The Orange Book

I decided that each month I would try to treat myself to a little something off of Etsy. This month I decided I had to buy a print from LillyMoon. So I bought the above print. It will look so nice in our bedroom...I was hoping to paint one of the walls the blue in the background. It also covered three of my favorite things as a subject...reading...sleeping...and knitting (spot the knitting needles in her hair????). Her work is stunning. I bought some of her buttons too, with images from her work, but they didn't scan very well. She sent the items in such pretty packaging along with a free 5X7 print below.
Dear Mr Rain

That is what I love about Etsy...everyone is so excited about their work and they take such care presenting their items as if they were found in a physical store....instead of just online!

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