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Monday, November 05, 2007

Pay it forward......

a friend and I were talking the other day about "paying forward" for things that have been done for us. I have had so many "aunts" over the years. I tend to collect them a bit. If you are reading this, you might be one of them. I've loved them all and they have been in my life when I particularly needed them. I'm now of the age that I can pay forward these wonderful deeds. Whether it is taking a young friend out to eat or encouraging them in their craft, I feel such a kinship with those that have been there for me.

While reading Whipup I came across a post about Heather Smith Jones. She has posted here about a really cool project she is doing..... and I thought the idea was wonderful. So here goes....the first 3 people to write a comment to this blogpost, I will handmake you something. It won't be right away, in fact she has given herself a year and I think that I'll do that too. The reason I'm doing it is because I would like to keep an eye out on your blogs and get to know you (if I don't already). I love the friendships I've made through this medium and I would love to pay you back (or forward) for all the wonderfulness that you have given me! It is another way for me to pay forward all the love that has been done for me over the years.

I look forward to seeing who responds!


Knitting Mummy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Knitting Mummy said...

Hi, sorry I had to delete my first comment as it came out a bit funny, I won't actually ask to join your pif because If I am honest I wouldn't be up to providing anything for anybody else which wouldn't be fair, but I just wanted to say that I think it is a great idea and I look forward to seeing what you make for people as you are such a talented lady, and I really mean that.
Thanks Amanda.

Dawn said...

Please don't let that stop you! I'm not making something for you so that you can then make something for someone else. I just liked the idea of giving something to show appreciation for things that had been done for me. It must be that, that has stopped people from replying......

WhiteRose said...

OOO, just came for a visit after stopping past via the UKBlogRing.
So glad I did...can I be the third comment on your pay it forward? Pleeeezeee LOL.
I love the whole idea, and I do hope you actually see my comment.
Either way, I enjoyed reading and will be back again :)