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Friday, September 08, 2006

Craftsainty 20min challenge....

Right, for those who are wondering...what the heck those pictures are! They are my horrible attempt at drawing. I've been a faithful listener of Jennifer's Craftsainty podcast. She has the most clever, wonderful artists on her cast. The last lady, Claudine Hellmuth, is a collage artists who takes pictures and mixes them with other paper stuff to make wimsical creations. Even though I'm not into paper crafts she inspired me to try doing some pictures on the laser print fabric and try embroidery on them. We shall see....

Anyway, Jennifer sometimes has contests and the publisher of Cladine's books gave her a few to give away. I was really struck with the idea of making something in 20 min. It would be a bit difficult to do the embroidery in that time, but when I wrote Jennifer she said...just send in your paper draft. So that is what I did. I sat down outside in lovely Winchester, waiting for a friend for an even lovelier supper, and drew the above pictures. I'm toying with felt applique and embroidery probably. I'm not sure if the childs face in the second pictures looks too mean, or if he portrays the "cheeky" or ornery way I want him to be. He isn't be malicious...just getting his own back for having his cheeks pinched. I must state, though I said it is a contest, they aren't going to be judged. She is going to take the names of those who send something in and have her daughter pick out four names for the four books. I'll keep you posted...and if you like podcasts??? Listen to Craftsanity. It really is inspiring!

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Jennifer K. said...

Cute!!!! I think those types of projects look great in a simple drawing style, no need to have a complicated drawing! By the way, I use Wordpress software for blogging and I've been pretty happy with it,