Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lets try this again!

I'm not having much luck today! I just wrote all about the problems I'm having with my Twisted Float shrug and the stupid Mozzilla crashed! I like Mozzilla a lot, but it does have some strange problems sometimes!

Anyway, the problem with the twisted float shrug...I was working away this weekend and thought I was making good progress after starting the dang thing so many times. So I started do the pattern. What you do is twist the float when you are mixing the two yarns for one row, then keep the twists while you stitch with the main color for one row and then twisting the next row the opposite way so that all the yarn is untwisted.... Sadly, since I'm using a different kind of yarn IT DIDN'T WORK. I ended up with a huge knot that I couldn't even unpick! I had to CUT the yarn!!! I was gutted let me tell ya! I won't be able to twist the yarn, but it doesn't look to bad so far. I picked it back up today to give it a go and we shall see. If I go a bit and it doesn't look good....I might just go back to using the one yarn. The yarn I'm using is Tahki "shannon" and Noro "Cash Iroha". Nice yarns, though Noro is a bit slubby. I love the Tahki yarn though, I've used there cottons for most of the baby stuff I've made and love it!

Better post this before I lose it again! And put one something was a beautiful day but you can't get too complacent here because it can go cold in an instant!

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